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The 5 Best Forex Educators

Forex trading has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially as people look to develop another income stream while working from home. Unfortunately many new forex traders don’t take the time necessary to learn the new skill thoroughly, and end up losing money trading. If you are thinking about starting forex trading an online course is a great place to start, and can help avoid some of the costly mistakes that new forex traders make. Our top 5 forex education providers assist you in putting together your own trading system and understanding the forex market!

  1. Opes Trading Group

    Opes Trading Group, founded by Philip Salloum, provides several unique forex training courses as well as a subscription service. Opes Trading Group provides one on one courses both in person and online. The content of the course can be tailored, and is suitable for beginner to seasoned traders. One on one learning allows students to gain a personalised learning experience, and focus on the sticking points that they have in forex.

    OTG's subscription service, founded by Philip and Viane, is called Opes Platinum. The service was launched as a way to educate traders with forex, metals, and cryptocurrency, streamlined into one platform. Opes Trading Group educates and guides traders through their trading career, offering them daily analysis, chart rundowns, live webinars, weekly market outlooks & much more. Within the business, OTG’s aim is to provide as much value as possible for their subscribers, leveraging the experience their instructors have gained over the past 10+ combined years of trading. Opes Trading Group have created a 'one stop shop platform' for traders of all asset classes, offering a guiding hand through their journey whether it be in forex, gold/metals, commodities, cryptocurrency or even psychological aspects of trading.

    Within the platform Opes Trading Group platform there are insights from forex analysts, gold analysts, crypto analysts and access to a mindset specialist. OTG are also currently screening for an equities & indices analyst to further improve their service.

    Opes Trading Group’s offer both a forex and a gold course which includes a 200 page booklet handwritten by Philip. The forex course introduces students to the basics of the forex market and provides knowledge for every tier of trader, right to advanced trading strategies. Viane from OTG has created a gold (XAUUSD) strategy course for those interested in only learning how to trade the metal. Opes Trading Groups courses are conducted individually or as a package depending on the students needs.

    You can visit Opes Trading Groups Website here:

    To join their subscription visit:

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  2. Tier One Trading

    Tier One Trading, founded by Jason Greystone, provides a great range of resources that lead the forex education industry. Tier One Trading’s state of the art content delivery platform combines forex education, live analysis, proprietary trading tools, and FX community networking all in one place.

    Through Tier One Trading’s courses traders learn the basics of the forex market, technical analysis, numerous trading strategies, trading psychology, risk management, documentation and much more. One of the most beneficial aspects of Tier One Trading’s subscription is the constant support and daily interaction with their team of experienced traders.

    Tier One Trading education won’t break your bank, and the value that you receive from Tier One Trading is priceless. Their forex trading education package includes 5 courses, progress tracking technology, custom backtesting spreadsheets that integrate with MT4, live trading rooms for NY & London open, real time trade logs, video updates and much more. There is really a lot of value in this forex education package, and enough material to cater to all levels of forex traders. Tier one have also developed their own portal, so accessing all resources is easy through their website.

    You can see Tier One Trading’s website here:

  3. Astro FX

    Astro FX, founded by Aman Natt & Shaun Lee, has a 5+ year record teaching forex trading, and has grown a international reputation & student base. They also operate a proprietary trading firm for their experienced traders.

    Astro FX offer a 12 step program to introduce traders into the forex markets, teach technical analysis, risk management, trading tools & strategies, fundamental analysis, and mindset management. Astro FX also have their “accelerated” program that provides their own education hub, trading through their ASTROFX Terminal, monthly meeting with their team of traders, a unique trading plan, funded trading account, access to their Mayfair trading floor, quarterly account reviews and an account manager.

    You can visit ASTROFX’s website here:

    Or visit ASTROFX Accelerated here:

  4. Traders Academy Club

    Traders Academy Club, established by Vladimir Ribakov in 2010, is an online education hub to support forex traders ventures into the forex markets. The TAC is one of the most content rich educational services, providing live market analysis, hundreds of webinars and live trade ideas. Vladimir has over 11 years of experience trading FX and being a forex educator. The Traders Academy Club provides the right tools for traders to avoid the common pitfalls, and supplies them with a sound approach to trading technically, fundamentally and psychologically.

    The subscription includes 30-60 minute live market analysis webinars daily, community access to other traders, live time trade ideas, education, strategies and much more. The subscription also includes a number of MT4 plugins, such as an automated risk manager and a harmonic signal indicator. One of the more unique aspects of the Traders Academy Club is the trading career opportunities, where they refer successful traders to other companies to trade their system with larger capital.

    TAC also have a very neat Swing Points Trading tool, that gives a bias for forex symbols direction on the weekly, daily, and 4h chart. This can be a useful confluence for traders to add to their trade ideas. The Traders Academy Club also has 24/7 live chat support, so traders always have support!

    You can visit the Traders Academy Club website here:

  5. Trade & Train

    Trade & Train, founded by Mark Owen, caters for all levels of forex traders in their education and subscription courses. In their subscription, Trade & Train host 6 interactive live webinars a week where they detail markets of interest, potential trade setups and how to trade them. In addition they record 3 video updates a week, keeping traders up to speed with what’s going on and what to look out for. Haven’t got time for all that? Trade & Train have a dedicated Telegram signal channel too.

    Trade & Train also offer their “Essential Trader” 2 day in person course, to train a novice or experienced trader in Trade & Train’s forex trading strategies. Following the course, students will be provided access to their ‘Live Trader’s Club’ for a month, ensuring their support in the forex markets. Their style of teaching entails three key steps; “Tell me, show me, & let me”, ensuring that theory, demonstration and practice are all covered with each student.

    The strategy that Trade & Train teach is focused on price action trading, and doesn’t rely on using indicators. Trade & Train’s forex strategy is well taught, easily accessible, and can be effectively implemented in the forex markets.

    You can visit Trade & Train’s website here:

What To Look For In A Good Forex Educator / Course

In researching this step try and find as many credentials as possible. Experience educating at a financial institution is the most highly regarded, however track records, personal experience and student results all are reliable indicators.

Who Is Teaching You?

If you’re investing your hard earned money in an online course you want to know who is teaching you. You don’t want to buy a course thinking that you’re going to be taught by someone only to find out that they’ve delegated the teaching to someone else.

You also want to check the credentials of the teacher. Whilst it isn’t integral that the teacher has had forex trading success themself (it is reassuring though) it is essential that as a teacher they have been able to teach others to make money from the forex markets. Don’t confuse this step - many students praise their teachers and say they do a good job, and have improved their trading. Improving is one thing, however if their students are unable to make money trading this is a red flag. Ensuring the teacher has been able to teach people to make consistent money out of the forex market is essential.

In researching this step try and find as many credentials as possible. Experience educating at a financial institution is the most highly regarded, however track records, personal experience and student results all are reliable indicators.

What Content Does The Education Include?

If you’re buying forex education courses you should carefully consider what content is included in the course. Is the content tailored to beginners, intermediate or expert forex traders? Some packages cater to all levels and have extensive content, others are tailored to a certain level of forex trader.

You may want to focus on a specific aspect of trading, so consider whether the course is tailored toward this. For example if you want to focus on automated trading strategies consider whether the course will discuss relevant topics. You should be able to ask questions and see examples of the material prior to purchase. This builds trust & credibility with the seller.

How Is The Education Delivered?

Everybody learns best in a different way, so consider your learning style. Some educators will have pre-recorded video courses, others will have booklets, and some will have in person or online real time classes. Conducting real time learning is typically the best, as it allows asking questions and a personalised learning experience.

Some groups have social platforms that let all the students engage and learn from each other. Look for an education service that allows you to receive feedback and check in with your progress. Being accountable is absolutely integral to developing your forex education.

Also consider if the content is downloadable, allowing you to learn on the go. This may be a niche quality, but is quite a nice touch.

What Is The Support Like?

As mentioned above, receiving feedback from your educator is important, as is being held accountable for your progress. If the program is a course rather than subscription ask yourself what the support is like after the completion.